The End of Summertime Sadness?

Emily Atrokhov, Staff

“The winter is so dark and cold, and that really affects my mood and motivation to do a lot of activities,” said junior Ella Hottel, a self-proclaimed “summer lover,” adding, “It’s hard when it gets dark at 4:30 and it feels like the day has ended.” The shorter, colder days are behind us as the long, sunny days are slowly appearing and signaling signs of summer. “Usually in the winter I am much more tired and feel so exhausted throughout the day, yet all this changes when summer approaches,” said junior Rahma Wadood.

But as the weather shifts, warmer days also indicate that summer’s right around the corner and motivates students to keep going. Students can start doing their work outside, getting fresh air (recent events aside), or counting the days until their fun summer plans. “I am excited to go to the pool more often and just relax outside,” said B-CC student Bobby Burk. Whether you are excited to get your tan on or swim at your local pool, the warm weather is here to stay, and your days of seasonal depression are finally over.

Well, not for everybody. There are still a lot of insecurities in anticipation of the summer: whether it be body image, food, or financial  insecurities, summer isn’t something to look forward to for everybody.

“I know that a lot of girls struggle with insecurities, especially over the summer. I know it’s hard for many girls to put on a bikini and feel good about themselves,” said junior Sadie Virbickas. In the back of a lot of these girls’ minds is the worry about wearing a bathing suit. Whether their stomach isn’t flat enough or their stretch marks are showing, swimsuit season is a dreadful thought for many. The pressure to post on Instagram and photoshop culture makes matters even worse, where girls are comparing each other and trying to look like someone they are not. 

Many B-CC students rely on MCPS to provide breakfast and lunch. B-CC has a 20.6% FARMS (Free And Reduced Meals) rate. A little under a quarter of B-CC students rely on this plan to eat enough throughout the day. Ms. Sutton claims that she has not yet heard any concerns about this: “Most of them take advantage of the various food distribution sites that MCPS sets up for students over the summer as well as the support we provide directly through B-CC.”

Food distribution centers operate throughout the summer, and the PTSA continues to stock the B-CC Cares Pantry during the time off. Ms. Sutton added, “We make sure students who need the pantry have access during the summer. We also work with our Pupil Personnel worker, Mr. Gysberts, to provide additional support (like gift cards) to families based on their individual needs and to connect them with other supports offered through Montgomery County.”

For some, summer can be a blast, with pool days to look forward to and a break from school, but that’s not the case for all. The B-CC community brings immense support for those who need it, hopefully helping out many students to have a great summer.