Woodward High School Set to Open in 2026

Charles W. Woodward High School is set to open in 2026, at 11211 Old Georgetown Road Rockville, MD 20852. 

Ali Hellerman, staff

The plan for a new high school in MCPS, Charles W. Woodward High School, was proposed after the county conducted a boundary study that evaluated the feasibility and benefits of opening a new high school. The opening of Woodward in Rockville would get rid of the overcrowding problems mainly found at Walter Johnson High School. However, other local MCPS high schools, including B-CC, will be affected due to the proposed zoning for this new school. 

Woodward High School is set to open in 2026, at 11211 Old Georgetown Road Rockville, MD 20852.

The outcome of the new high school would decrease the amount of students that attend B-CC. This high school is also made to, “Explore alternative programmatic and career technology education programs at nontraditional school facilities such as commercial facilities” according to the Montgomery County Board of Education. 

B-CC students see the problem of overcrowding in their own school.  Junior Leo Cutitta, says,“I think [a new high school] is a good idea because B-CC has too many students,” adding, “It feels like there are thirty kids in some of my classes which is just too many for me.” Another student, senior Saba Ebrahim, agreed with Cutitta, “I think B-CC is slightly overcrowded. I saw this mostly because of how busy and chaotic the halls can get between periods. Sometimes it’s so bad that you can barely move. I just don’t think our school is big enough to hold this many people,” said Ebrahim. 

The process of developing an entirely new high school has a lot of components. The construction alone takes around two years and boundary studies need to be conducted 18 months prior. “I think it’s necessary to open another school, that should be done. Especially if it means that people will have an easier commute and a better quality education,” said Ebrahim. 

For a flyover of the building model, click this link.