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SGA Elections Were Held This Week
SGA Elections Were Held This Week
Logan Tongberg, News Writer • April 19, 2024

B-CC students running for SGA positions have been hard at work campaigning for why they are the perfect representative for their respective positions. On April 18th, in homeroom classes, the B-CC student body had the chance to watch the running candidates’...

The Tattler staff at J-day last Friday.
Our Staff Takes on Journalism Day at UMD
Maya Shweiki, News Writer

On Friday, April 12, The Tattler took on Journalism Day (J-Day) at the University of Maryland. The Tattler team was joined by multiple schools,...

The end of a Bethesda institution
Corner Slice Closes
Julien Holbrook, News Writer

A popular B-CC lunch spot, The Corner Slice, located at 7901 Norfolk Avenue in Bethesda, is now up for sale. The property, which is listed by...

Once Upon a Prom
Once Upon a Prom
Ethan Whitten, Staff Writer

Once Upon a Prom, a student-led organization, will host its 14th-annual prom attire giveaway on Saturday, April 13. The event is scheduled from...

Everyone deserves to have their name pronounced correctly.
More Than Linguistic Comfort: The Importance of Pronouncing Names Correctly
Sara Torres, Feature Writer • March 15, 2024

“I get annoyed when people say, ‘Oh I am gonna butcher this name,’ or when they repeatedly get my name wrong and choose to assign a nickname...

Mr. Anderson teaches an ELD U.S. History class
Breaking Cultural Barriers
Ximena Sacks, Feature Writer

Nowhere is diversity more evident than in the classrooms of B-CC, where students from various cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities come...

How is the energy drink apocalypse affecting teens?
The Energy Drink Apocalypse
Swati Ernst, Opinion Writer

Have you ever had a Celsius? What about a Red Bull? Walking around the halls of B-CC (and probably any other high school within MCPS), there...

Scenes from the movies: “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” and “The Notebook”
Is True Love Real?
Eileen Cobb, Feature Writer

If you have watched The Notebook, you might expect your significant other to build you a house that you described to them many years ago; if...

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La falta de comprension: Ignorar las necesidades y acomodaciones de los estudiantes
La falta de comprension: Ignorar las necesidades y acomodaciones de los estudiantes
Diana Moncada, Barones Bilingües Writer • April 19, 2024

Incluso considerando las acomodaciones adecuadas implementadas para los estudiantes, uno debe preguntarse si estos estudiantes realmente han...

Luana Turcco in action
B-CC Welcomes International Handball Star
Kyra Hughes, Culture Writer • April 19, 2024

Handball, a team sport where two teams of typically seven players use their hands to pass a ball aiming to throw it into the goal on the opposite...

The documentary that exposed the dark side of Nickelodeon
The Dark Truth Behind the TV Screen
April 19, 2024

As children, we’re prone to laugh at seemingly insignificant jokes, but as we grow older the dark not-so-humorous truth behind said jokes unravels...

B-CC Decisions: Stressing out Seniors
B-CC Decisions: Stressing out Seniors
April 19, 2024

It’s 8 am on a Monday morning in April and you open Instagram for the first time. Three new college decisions have been released on the B-CC...

One size fits all can be a harmful business model
One Size Fits None
April 19, 2024

“One size fits all,” but does it really? The most logical answer is no. However, companies still label their clothes with this kind of sizing,...

According to the CDC, a vast majority of students do not get the nightly rest they need.
Stressed, Sluggish, & Sleep Deprived
Swati Ernst, Opinion Writer • March 22, 2024

“It feels like I can’t concentrate, and it feels like my head is constantly in a brain fog. I get irritated with my teachers and classmates more frequently. I only got five hours of sleep a couple of nights ago,” revealed Junior Maya Jones.  Teenagers...

Gossiping is ubiquitous in modern culture.
Is Gossiping All That Bad?
Kristine Roque, Opinion Writer

Being an avid gossiper is something that is usually frowned upon. Take the show Gossip Girl, for example. The plot of the show is based on an...

Is resilience always a good thing?
The Pitfalls of Fostering Resilience 
Kristine Roque, Opinion Writer

When life knocks you down, do you bounce back quickly? Do you refuse to let failure overwhelm you? You might remind yourself, “What doesn’t...

Seeking closure can re-open old wounds
Breakups: Seeking Closure is Hurting, Not Helping
Swati Ernst, Opinion Writer

While the stories from students shared below are verifiable, their names have been replaced to provide anonymity. Closure is sought after...

The Anime Baron gloating over his monopoly on tissues
Anime Baron Suit Full Of Extra Tissues
Oliver Schuchart, Snitch Writer • April 12, 2024

It’s allergy season at B-CC! And we all know what that means. The rivers will run pale-yellow with snot. Now, this normally isn’t an issue....

ChatGPT has something to say about The Tattlers coverage of AI.
Letter to the Editor re: The Rise of AI by ChatGPT and the AI Community
Chat GPT, with support from Jude Wilkenfeld • November 3, 2023

Dear Editor, In response to the recent article on the rising use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, including the mention of our...

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Sophomore Koko Jenkin pitching against WJ
Barons Softball Hit Mid Season Struggles
Nate Bromberger, Sports Writer • April 19, 2024

After a dominating win in the Battle of Bethesda, B-CC traveled to Churchill to play a talented Bulldogs squad. The Barons jumped out to an early...

Huge Week for Barons Baseball
Huge Week for Barons Baseball
David LeCours, Sports Writer • April 19, 2024

This week, B-CC Varsity Baseball won two blowout games against Damascus and Churchill, and won a huge game against Walter Johnson. Saturday,...

Sophomore David Lench slams a return against WJ
Boys Tennis Goes 2-1 This Week
Aaron Lewis, Sports Writer • April 19, 2024

The Barons Boys Varsity Tennis team had matches on Friday, April 12, Monday 15, and Wednesday 17 against Northwest, Poolesville, and Quince Orchard...

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