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Our Mission:

Our mission at The Tattler is to publish pieces that inspire, educate, and change our community. Our staff reports on everything from local to global issues, allowing students to experience real journalism firsthand in the classroom.


The Tattler online edition has over 14,000 readers, and this number is constantly increasing. Our bi-weekly Find Out Fridays (when we release a fresh online edition) gets as many as 6,000+ site hits a day.  


In this past year, The Tattler has gained a significant amount of press from newspapers and news stations including, but not limited to, The Washington Post, Politico, NPR, Bethesda Beat, Bethesda Magazine, and ABC News. Professional journalists consistently pick up our scoops, recognizing the talent of our staff. This year, after reading top reporting from The Tattler, The Washington Post reached out to us for a collaboration with our best reporters on the byline. 

Some examples from this year include: 


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