Andy’s Pizza Coming to Bethesda

Roxie Jenkin, Staff

B-CC lunches will soon be changed forever because Andy’s is moving to Bethesda. In what was once Booeymonger, the pizzeria will be taking a new home.

In 2021, Andy’s was put on the map after their victory during the International Pizza Challenge. Andy Brown, the owner of Andy’s, won first place with a simple cheese pizza. While there are plenty of Andy’s locations in the DMV, including one in Tysons, Alexandria, and the Navy Yard, the new Bethesda location means it will be much easier for people in the B-CC community to purchase and enjoy one of Andy’s famous slices. 

Andy’s specializes in New York-style pies, but they also offer a variety of other foods like wings, salads, Old Bay fries, and fan-favorite pizza by the slice, an option perfect for a quick bite during lunch. “We’re still selling America’s favorite food,” says Brown. “There’s a slice for everybody, whether you’re a vegetarian, or you love meat, or whatever.”

Although B-CC has an open lunch, it’s hard to reap the benefits of going out to eat as there aren’t many fast-food restaurants close to the campus. The ones that are around campus are at a distance that can take a student’s entire lunch period to walk there and come back. 

Brown, who grew up in Bethesda, recognizes that the area surrounding B-CC is a “total food desert.” Brown believes what the B-CC lunch setting lacks is high-quality food that is close enough to grab and enjoy, while also making it back to the school in time before the doors are locked. He wants to ensure that Andy’s will be useful to B-CC students, recognizing that he “wants [Andy’s] to be a great place for all the students to come in and be able to get food, in and out fast, at the right price. You’ll be able to get two slices and a drink for cheaper than you would Chipotle and a drink, and much faster.”

Keeping in mind the craziness of lunchtime around Bethesda, Andy’s has decided to prepare by changing the layout of the store. “The last thing we want is for some big line to form, and for it to be ‘I had to stand in line for 20 minutes, and by the time I got my food, I had to run back.’ We just want you to be able to come in and get out super fast,” says Brown. They have decided to change the diagram and layout of the equipment to ensure that there is a high enough capacity for the food to get out fast. Some of Brown’s additional plans include pie boxes stacked to the roof and a conveyor oven to create the best customer experience. 

One of the reasons Brown chose this location was because B-CC was right down the street. He hopes that Andy’s will become a part of the B-CC community as he tries to engage with any community his restaurants might become a part of. For B-CC, he plans to take steps toward “discounts for teachers, being a part of pizza day at school, doing pizza lunch, sponsoring a team, or anything in any way that we can engage with people and be a part of their community events.” 

Andy’s plans to open this summer. Although the class of 2023 may not be able to know the difference in B-CC lunches, lunch for future generations will never be the same.