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John and Jane Parents 1 v. Montgomery County Board of Education: Parents Challenge School Support Plans for Trans Students
John and Jane Parents 1 v. Montgomery County Board of Education: Parents Challenge School Support Plans for Trans Students
June 14, 2024

On May 20, 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States denied a Maryland parents’ petition that challenged school support plans for trans...

Track and Field season comes to an end.
Track and Field: Road to Nationals
June 12, 2024

Though the school year is winding down, Track and Field is not. They attended the MPSSAA 4A Track and Field State Championships from May 21 through...

Lockdowns are becoming increasingly common country-wide.
Life in Lockdown
June 12, 2024

With lockdowns becoming increasingly more common around the country, the chilling reality of these incidents has recently hit close to home for...

Rivalries at BCC.
The Importance of Rivalries
June 11, 2024

For better or for worse, rivalries are a huge part of the game for B-CC athletic teams. Not only do rivalries promote school spirit and motivate...

Pitcher of the Year: Henry Eichner
Pitcher of the Year: Henry Eichner
June 11, 2024

Henry Eichner took home the Division 1 Pitcher of the Year award to cap off an incredible junior season. Eichner led B-CC’s elite pitching...

Varsity Girls Basketball took the court at the State Championship.
A Year in Review of Baron Sports
June 11, 2024

Athletic Director Mr. Krawczel is pleased with the results of the school’s athletes this year. Looking back on 2023-2024, though, he was less...

Check out drive-in movies across the DMV
Coming To a Field Near You...
June 7, 2024

With summer kicking off, students wonder what they should do with their friends. Between pool days and going to museums in DC, a fun and unique...

The Death of School Spirit at B-CC

Many say it has been two years since B-CC experienced a good year of school spirit. What can we do to break the cycle?
Ali Hellerman
B-CC has experienced a steep decline in school spirit.

“If you have less school spirit, fewer people are going to get involved in school, and it is going to create less spirit,” said Senior Julian Dahiya. Football games, school events, and social and civic engagements are primary examples of school spirit. However, B-CC has failed to keep up with some of its significant spirited traditions. As a result, many students feel disconnected from the school community and do not value these traditions anymore.

Many other students, especially upperclassmen, share the sentiment of not fully connecting with B-CC as their home. They also share the feeling that their experience has not been as fulfilling as they had hoped in the first place when entering high school as freshmen and just coming out of middle school. This sense of detachment or dissatisfaction can stem from various sources, such as lack of meaningful engagement with the school community, challenges in finding their sense of belonging, or feeling overlooked in B-CC’s competitive academic environment. But not everybody sees a problem. “I don’t think there has been much of a bad change,” expressed science teacher Mr. Hendy. “You can both have fun and learn at school, plus there are other fun things like clubs and playing and rooting for sports teams.” 

Many students are still figuring out what exactly school spirit even means. Many say it’s just about going to football games. But is that truly what encapsulates school spirit? To many students, school spirit is a sense of pride shown by those who feel a strong connection to their place of learning and the people in it. Based on this definition, B-CC may be lacking this shared connection. “We ask the SGA [Student Government Association] and school administration to step up,” Dahiya commented. School spirit activities and events are usually organized by school-wide and class SGA officers working together. Yet, what seems to be failing, according to 2024 Class SGA Officer Carolina Zanna-Stone, lies in the administration’s restrictions. When asked for more detail, she explained, “I feel like Admin puts out a lot of our ideas that we are not allowed to just because they are worried that offends someone, and we had to give up a lot of ideas that would generate more school spirit.” Still, administration okayed the first Winter Dance in years this school year, which was a success, and cannot insist that students attend existing school functions meant to build spirit, like Homecoming or sports games.

Instead of pointing fingers at each other for the lack of school spirit, we all need to work together to boost school spirit. That means students, SGA officers, teachers, and the administration coming together to bring back the energy our school has lost. It is also important to prioritize school spirit because it makes us feel like we belong, creates a positive environment, and keeps our school traditions alive.

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