Everyone’s A Critic: Grug Say New “Hand” Cave-Painting Too Experimental, Too Abstract

Grug, Staff

New artist Thog make waves in art tribe, but do Thog’s “Hand” painting live up to hype? Grug find out. 

“Hand” depict many hand of caveman, in many color, like red and white. Also, it built inside nice cave, in middle of desert. Grug say use of color am effective; red remind Grug of meat from delicious tiger, white of bone club for smashing enemy tribes. Additionally, Grug like location; dry cave good for keeping paint colorful. However, Grug also believe that “Hand” too experimental.

Unique subject matter of “Hand” am very creative; Grug say Thog am modern-day successor to Chog, inventor of square wheel. However, like square wheel, “Hand” doomed to fail. Compare “Hand” to “Mork Eat Bison” by Mork. “Mork Eat Bison” am simplistic but it am classic; even after 100 sun-circles and eight generations, cavemen still relate to Mork’s love of bison meat.

Ultimately, Grug love “Hand,” but Grug am pragmatic. In two sun-circles, who will remember those who experimented and failed? Who recall Chog, inventor of square wheel; who recall Borg, shaman who predict “Light Rectangles With Twitter”? No, Grug say it those who perfect the well-trodden who am recalled. And Thog am so concerned with being groundbreaking that Thog forget to make art common caveman can appreciate.