“Cocaine Bear” is a Must-See

From the moment anyone walks into the theater, what they signed up to see is clear: a stupid movie with a crazy plot line.

Alex Elias

“The bear did f*cking cocaine.”
When a drug runner’s plane with 800 pounds of cocaine crashes into a national park, the story of “Cocaine Bear” begins. The entire movie is filled with ridiculous moments, ranging from the bear dancing and smashing its head onto the side of a tree to middle schoolers eating cocaine like it was candy. This comedic plot, based on a true story, has flown to the top of the box office since its release to theaters on February 24.
From the moment anyone walks into the theater, what they signed up to see is clear: a stupid movie with a crazy plot line. However, “Cocaine Bear” truly exceeds all expectations. While showing a bear’s cocaine-induced killing spree, the movie does a great job of developing an actual plot with several storylines all coming together, keeping you on the edge of your seat the whole time.
B-CC junior Grayson Barrow said, “I went into the movie thinking it was gonna be kind of a joke, but it ended up being good,” adding, “I thought it was cool how all the characters ended up together at the end.”
The excitement starts at the very beginning, as the writers do a great job of introducing the story. Two hikers walking through the woods pass a duffle bag of cocaine sitting high on the branches of a tree with white powder spilling out of the bottom, and they quickly find a cute bear dancing in the woods. Shortly thereafter, the story becomes dangerous and gruesome as the bear begins its seemingly endless series of human attacks.
This opening sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which is filled with scene after scene of the bear ferociously searching for more cocaine, sometimes eating multiple bricks at once, and ripping apart anyone in his path. Despite being based on a true story, the line between fact and fiction is blurred after the first 10 minutes. In real life, a drug dealer does jump out of an airplane with millions of dollars’ worth of cocaine strapped to his body, and yes, a bear did eat it.
However, a bear cannot survive after eating pounds of cocaine. The bear did not go on a gory, murderous rampage, nor did he become cripplingly addicted. The movie is based on a “what if” type premise, asking the question, “If a bear could survive, what might it do after ingesting more cocaine than anything ever has before?” This theoretical story worries viewers while inviting them to laugh as if the whole concept is one big joke.
As the movie comes to an end, the horror comedy becomes heartwarming when the characters come together in dramatic ways. One line has sentimental power that is almost laughable when one actor says, “You’re more than a drug dealer. You’re my friend, my best friend.”
Now for the verdict: “Cocaine Bear” is a must-see. It’s a great example of how to turn a ridiculous, joke-based premise into a real thriller that will have you eager to see the end.