Club Sports: All of the Work, None of the Recognition

Despite their use of the B-CC name, no club sports are funded, sponsored, or recognized by the B-CC administration.

Courtney Kloss, Staff

Did you know that B-CC ice hockey crushed the opposition and won the state championship in 2021? Or how about B-CC crew’s 2021 victory at the Stotesbury regatta and nationals? Not even B-CC ultimate frisbee’s 2021 states win?
You’re not the only one. Despite their use of the B-CC name, none of those club sports are funded, sponsored, or recognized by the B-CC administration.
Henry Caldicott, a B-CC senior and ice hockey captain, revealed that B-CC “wouldn’t let [them] hang a banner in the school” after their state championship victory.
“We had to hang it on a fence near Chelton instead,” he continued. Caldicott also explained that the school would not let the team keep their States trophy on school grounds. “It would be kept at people’s houses,” he clarified. “It was just sitting on my desk for a while.”
Caldicott wishes B-CC would honor the team’s accomplishments because he and the other players have dedicated so much effort to establishing a successful hockey team. “B-CC hockey has been such a huge part of my life throughout high school, and it hurts to see that it’s not seen or appreciated by the school,” he confessed.
Erik Lindholm, a B-CC senior and crew captain, agreed. He added, “We aren’t able to be covered by B-CC TV or be announced on the announcements. We don’t really have a presence within the school community. We’re very divided from the school, and being completely under the radar has been very harmful to the team.” Without the ability to promote or even integrate their sport into the B-CC community, club sports teams like crew struggle to spread information about their sport and recruit interested students.

Another concern amongst club sport athletes is the lack of recognition for their collegiate commitment to their respective sport. B-CC senior Indi Scott recently committed to the University of California-San Diego’s division one rowing crew, but she was “not allowed to participate in the signing ceremony at school.”

“It definitely made me feel unseen and not included in my school’s community,” Scott admitted. B-CC’s athletic director, Mr. Krawzcel, commented on this dilemma: “In May, I’m thinking of hosting a larger senior sports celebration that will include students on hockey and crew.”
He later added that those who commit to a collegiate sport later in the year will also be able to participate in the ceremony. When asked about an increase in the promotion of club sports at school, Mr. Krawzcel stated, “It’s a gray area; there’s no definite answer.”

Across all of these club sports, B-CC players have stated that their teams have a positive sense of community. Their hope that B-CC will become more aware of and involved in their sport remains unwavering.