Don’t Get Chirped, Catch Up on Sports Lingo Here

Feel like sports fans speak another language? We created a dictionary just for you.

Adam Niman

It feels like athletes are talking in different languages than NARPs. With Ankle-breakers and nutmegs, it may be hard to follow everything that is said between athletes. This article will hopefully make understanding the code that athletes speak a little more decipherable. 


NARP: Non-Athletic Regular Person

Ex. These NARPs don’t understand the struggles of an athlete’s daily struggles.


Ankle Breaker: When someone makes the defender fall as a result of a skill move

Ex. That move made the defender fall! What an ankle-breaker!


Nutmeg: When the ball goes through an opponent’s legs in soccer.

Ex. I nutmegged the goalie to score! It went right through his legs!


Bardownski: The puck hits the crossbar and goes in

Ex. I just went Bardownski on the goalie. The ping of the crossbar was sick!


Bender: Someone who isn’t good at hockey

Ex. Joey is a bender. He can’t skate!


Dirty: They have excellent ball skills

Ex. That move was Dirty. You quickly got passed that defender and made him look silly.


Dime: Great pass; if an actual dime was the target, it would hit it.

Ex. That was a perfect dime pass. Right on target!


Bomb, Nuke, Moonshot, Tater, Dinger: Homerun in baseball

Ex. That ball was a moonshot. Nice Nuke Tony! That ball was hit super far!


Top bins: When you shoot the ball in the top corners of the goal.

Ex. That top bins shot was unsavable! It better be in the highlight reel.


Chirp: Talking trash to the other team

Ex. Aaron was chirping the other team from the crowd so much it got in the other team’s head.


Burned, Cooked, sauced: The defender gets beat by the other team.

Ex. That defender got burned. We got right past them with that skill move.


Popped: A kid gets tackled very hard and the pads make a pop sound.

Ex. That kid just got popped. No wonder he’s slow to get up.


Banger: When there is a really nice shot in soccer.

Ex. Maggie with a beautiful banger of a shot! 


Drip: When a player wears accessories to look cool

Ex. Will looks so cool wearing his arm sleeve and leg sleeve! That’s drip!