Max Lovinger Commits to Play at Haverford

Despite his talent, Lovinger didn’t find many recruiters in the stands.

Cam Rosen

Following a remarkable high school career, Max Lovinger, who plays as a midfielder on the B-CC varsity soccer team committed to play at Haverford College. Despite Max playing soccer for as long as he can remember, colleges didn’t show interest.
Playing in college was not always Max’s main goal. Before Sophomore year Max had never considered playing in college, but that year things changed. “Soccer became my main focus,” as he would describe. Max had to make changes to his day-to-day life to achieve his goal of playing soccer in college. “Things like social gatherings, certain food, and vacations had to be sacrificed, as I felt that I always had to be training in order to reach my goal of playing soccer in college.”
Even with these changes and performing at a high level in high school, colleges, including Haverford, weren’t giving him a chance: “I usually got the same response from them saying they were not interested.” Just before the beginning of his senior year, Max attended a recruiting program hosted by Haverford.
In the middle of his senior season, Max announced his commitment to the Haverford Men’s Soccer team, starting a new chapter in his life as he pursues his academic and athletic dreams.