New Electives Offered in ’23-24


Milan Bhayana

Not a new elective, but still the best ;)

Mack Fisher, staff

With the opening of course registration, students in grades 8-11 can choose their classes for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. B-CC offers hundreds of classes, and its course offering has recently expanded with the addition of the following new electives.

Personal Finance
Teacher: Undecided
Why you should take it: Personal Finance focuses on aspects of your personal financial life and teaches you how to handle money so you are prepared once you are living on your own. Junior Nick Connelly says he decided to take this class to learn “how to manage my money in the future.” Investing is probably going to be impactful on your future, so to avoid losing unnecessary money, taking this class might be a good idea.

History of Sub-Saharan Africa
Teacher: Ms. Cameron
Why you should take it: Although this class was initially offered last year, it unfortunately did not get enough students to be held. “The class goes into depth about the history of this area in a way that World History doesn’t,” said the class’s teacher, Mrs. Cameron. She also remarked that the history there is often overlooked and was a vital part of the world timeline. Some of the highlights of the class include learning about the richest man in history, Mansa Musa, who owned over 400 billion dollars-worth of gold and jewels, which would have made him the richest man even today.

Asian – Pacific Islander History
Teacher: Undecided
Why you should take it: If you are interested in the history of Pacific islander heritage and culture, then this is the class for you. It focuses on aspects of islanders that have never been taught in depth at the school, such as the social and cultural impacts of colonization in the area. Want to learn about the amazing and crazy expeditions of James Cook? How about indigenous Hawaiians? Then take this class. While it didn’t get enough sign ups last year to be offered, by signing up this year you can take the course and change that!