The Allen Twins Commit

Brooke Silver

Smart, athletic, and a powerhouse, twin sisters Nina and Sydney Allen have both committed to play D1 at separate Ivy League Schools. Nina will be swimming at Yale, and Sydney has committed to playing soccer at Cornell University.

Nina began swimming at age six and instantly knew her goal was to compete at a collegiate level. Yale has always been one of her childhood dreams; however, throughout the recruiting process, she was very open-minded and considerate of all possible options. As Yale emerged as her top choice and they gave her an official offer, she was thrilled. She committed on September 17th and looks forward to “having the opportunity to continue [her] athletic and academic careers in a new environment… with a group of people with a greater sense of community and drive.” During visits to the school, Nina had the opportunity to meet the whole Yale swim team. They were incredibly welcoming when she was on campus and made her feel at home. While Nina is excited to embark on this next chapter, leaving home will be bittersweet. She will “miss Sydney and the swim family [she has] at BCC now, but will be sure to come out and support her at Cornell.”

As for Sydney, she started playing soccer at age four, and her love for the sport grew from there. She committed to Cornell on October 23rd and looks “forward to learning more about the world, herself, and the content that [she is] studying.” While her priorities and interests “fluctuated and changed” during the recruiting process, she is incredibly excited to commit to Cornell as it exceeds her expectations for her ideal college experience. She has already built relationships with her teammates through social media and is eager to join this new community. Likewise to Nina, “leaving [her] twin and best friend for college will be a huge adjustment. [She] is going to miss her so much, and [she] cannot wait to cheer her on and visit her in Connecticut!”

The grit, determination, and accomplishments achieved by the Allen twins over the past four years is truly unbelievable. The B-CC community should be proud to send off these two incredible athletes.