Masculinity 101: How to Become a High-Value Male

How can you be a high-value man according to field experts Andrew Tate and Kevin Samuels.

Rule #1: Get rich. Millionaire Andrew Tate claims that money attracts money. Surround yourself with rich people and “refuse to talk about anything else, but how to make money.” Women will flock to you if you have money to spend on them. In the words of high-value male Kevin Samuels, “you can’t be high-value and homeless.”

Rule #2: Protect your home. A high-value man doesn’t let other men bother his woman. Step up and get violent when needed. Don’t be weak. High-value male Jordan Peterson asserts that a “good man is a very, very dangerous man.”

Rule #3: Provide for your woman. You should never ask for a woman’s help. Women shouldn’t be the ones to get up in the middle of the night after hearing a loud noise, you should! Why? Simple, so your woman “can stay at home and raise [your] kids and have nice nails.” Wise words from Mr. Tate himself.

Rule #4: Have full control over your woman, including her actions and emotions. If she wants to make changes in her life, she must run it by you first. New hairstyle style? Check it out. New nail polish color? Let’s see. Did she buy a new dress for a Ladies’ Night Out? Check out the dress then forbid her from going. Why does she need to? She has a high-value male waiting for her at home.

Rule #5: Exercise your options. Undivided devotion and loyalty to one woman are unnecessary. Tate explains it perfectly: a high-value male “walks in there and can have whatever he wants…five days a week he chooses an apple,” but “twice a week [he] sometimes has a big a** pineapple.”

These five rules will ensure you become a successful alpha male (not to be confused with a misogynist).