Violence Spills into the Streets after B-CC Football Game

Battling Barons and Wildcats stay true to their name

Edison Dohler

On Friday night, October 7th, the B-CC football team fell 19-13 to the Walter Johnson Wildcats. The tension between the two schools at sporting events has always been high, but in recent years, those tensions have exploded into the streets of Bethesda.

After the game, students from both schools took to the street, where multiple fights broke out. One student who participated in a fight at the Bethesda Metro Station described the altercation as “extremely chaotic.” He and a group of friends were walking through the bus loop at the station when they were confronted by a few students from Walter Johnson. The B-CC student who participated in the fight said few words were exchanged before a Walter Johnson student threw the first punch. The fight lasted a few minutes until a police cruiser flashed its lights which caused everyone to disperse.

Once a sea of excited students flood the streets, it’s hard to enforce any kind of control. B-CC senior Noah Kaye thinks that “police presence should be increased outside of schools when games end” because he has friends that go to Walter Johnson High School, and he would hate to see them get harmed in a fight with his peers.