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La falta de comprension: Ignorar las necesidades y acomodaciones de los estudiantes
La falta de comprension: Ignorar las necesidades y acomodaciones de los estudiantes
April 19, 2024

Incluso considerando las acomodaciones adecuadas implementadas para los estudiantes, uno debe preguntarse si estos estudiantes realmente han...

Luana Turcco in action
B-CC Welcomes International Handball Star
April 19, 2024

Handball, a team sport where two teams of typically seven players use their hands to pass a ball aiming to throw it into the goal on the opposite...

The documentary that exposed the dark side of Nickelodeon
The Dark Truth Behind the TV Screen
April 19, 2024

As children, we’re prone to laugh at seemingly insignificant jokes, but as we grow older the dark not-so-humorous truth behind said jokes unravels...

B-CC Decisions: Stressing out Seniors
B-CC Decisions: Stressing out Seniors
April 19, 2024

It’s 8 am on a Monday morning in April and you open Instagram for the first time. Three new college decisions have been released on the B-CC...

Sophomore Koko Jenkin pitching against WJ
Barons Softball Hit Mid Season Struggles
April 19, 2024

After a dominating win in the Battle of Bethesda, B-CC traveled to Churchill to play a talented Bulldogs squad. The Barons jumped out to an early...

Huge Week for Barons Baseball
Huge Week for Barons Baseball
April 19, 2024

This week, B-CC Varsity Baseball won two blowout games against Damascus and Churchill, and won a huge game against Walter Johnson. Saturday,...

One size fits all can be a harmful business model
One Size Fits None
April 19, 2024

“One size fits all,” but does it really? The most logical answer is no. However, companies still label their clothes with this kind of sizing,...

D.C.’s Cherry Blossoms Burst into Bloom

Nathaniel Seaman
Cherry blossoms bloom just outside of B-CC.

DC’s annual Cherry Blossom Festival has begun and will run through April 14, 2024. However, D.C. may be too far a drive or metro trip for some. Instead, community members can head over to Bethesda’s Kenwood neighborhood, where they can admire the blooming trees with after a quick walk. Senior Anna Bussolo commented, “I usually go to Kenwood, because it’s just kind of more convenient.”

Over a century ago, on Aug. 30, 1909, Japan provided the United States with a gift of friendship by planting approximately 3,000 trees in D.C. In Japan, the flowering cherry tree, also known as “Sakura,” carries layered meanings, as it symbolizes both life and death, beauty and violence. B-CC’s neighboring capital D.C. celebrates the Cherry Blossom Festival each year to commemorate the trees’ peak blooming stage. Today, the festival welcomes around 1.5 million people — residents, visitors, family and friends. 

For many seniors, going out to see the Cherry Blossoms has never been as important as it is to them this year. The cherry blossoms only bloom in certain areas of the country, making them a special part of Maryland culture. Senior Daviana Marcus said, “I really want to go out this spring and do something, because I haven’t really gone.” Many seniors want to experience all that the DMV has to offer before leaving for college.

Other, nearer and off-the-beaten-trail options for viewing the blossoms are Dumbarton Oaks and Georgetown. Every year around this time Georgetown is dusted in cherry blossom petals and beautiful decor. Store fronts are covered in seasonal pink flowers, and the waterfront has beautiful picturesque scenes. 

Additionally, as part of the larger festival, D.C. hosts their annual Blossom Kite Festival. This year it is scheduled to take place on March 30, 2024, where many will gather in good weather and good company to fly their kites.

There are many events happening all around D.C throughout the week including: Blossom Blast: An Artful Floral Experience, Union Station in Bloom,  Cherry Blossom Celebration at the National Museum of Asian Art, Sakura Matsuri (a Japanese Street Festival), Mosaic District Art Blooms (a flea market, and art show), and performances at Tidal Basin Welcome Area and Ana Stage. 

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