Nothing Can Stop the Barons from Storming… Except Air

Logan Tongberg, Staff Reporter

Senior Storm, initially scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 8, was postponed due to the unhealthy air conditions that affected Bethesda along with the rest of the east coast late this week. The air quality reached 292 (out of 500) around 10:00 am, sending Bethesda into a code purple air quality alert. In an email sent out Wednesday evening, Dr. Mooney explained, “Due to unhealthy air conditions, tomorrow’s planned Class of 2024 Senior breakfast and storm at B-CC has been postponed.”

This cherished B-CC tradition would now take place the following day, Friday, June 9. B-CC juniors got lucky the air quality improved, and were able to participate in the senior storm festivities last Friday with only one minor change: rather than storming inside the building, they walked around the school building. Many students were also seen taking pictures outside the school. 

Junior Cassidy Carroll said, “It was fun to celebrate getting through junior year and becoming seniors with my classmates, but I wish we got to do a real storm and not just a walk.” Another B-CC junior, Claire Campbell, shared a similar opinion explaining, “It would have been fun to be able to storm through the school, the walk was very underwhelming and took away some of the excitement.”