Ellie Gips, Writer

“I don’t have control over what my family is doing,” said senior Saba Ebrahim, adding, “The worst part is coming back, and everyone is tan.” 

Break is usually a stress-free experience, used to relax and spend time with family or friends. However, for some students who do not go on vacation during breaks, seeing the constant trickle-in of edited photos, trips to foreign countries, and a facade of perfection is not the most enjoyable experience. “I feel bad about myself when I’m just sitting at home while others are away enjoying their vacations,” said senior Devin Brindle. 

While for some, not going away is a matter of their family not making a vacation plan, others can not afford the big getaways that some students are doing. “I couldn’t afford to go away this break because my parents have to pay for my college in the fall,” said a student who wished to remain anonymous, adding, “It is upsetting, but I can’t do anything about the situation.” Similarly, when talking about how she feels when she doesn’t go on vacation, senior Molly Pachman said, “I experience levels of feeling like ‘I wish I went on vacation.’”  

Although it is hard to see others having fun while you are stuck at home scrolling through Instagram, it is always good to remember the bright side of a staycation. 

Being at home and not having any schoolwork to do is still a nice break. While you might not be doing as much at home, you still have time to relax and catch up on other things you might have been pushing off. “I was bored over spring break, but it was nice to have some time to myself,” said Brindle.

For anyone experiencing FOMO from not going away, here is a list of activities you can do while being at home:

  1. Binge a new show on Netflix
  2. Bake a cake
  3. Go on a walk in your neighborhood
  4. Eat at a new restaurant
  5. Hang out with friends that are home