Student Government Election Results


Katie Dorsey, staff

Student Government election results were released on April 19th. Candidates campaigned for the week leading up to the election, hoping to get their name and message out to students.

Junior Adin Eisler won school-wide Vice President. When asked about his win, he stated, “I’m a firm believer in putting your words to actions, and I hope to do that and fight for all of the things that will make B-CC even better than it already is.”

While election day ran smoothly for some, others found problems in the system. Sophomore Sayed Erfan Nabizada ran for school-wide Vice President and said, “Not everyone voted. I’m also disappointed to see students not excited about voting in the election. Even my close friends did not want to participate.” 

On the other side of the election, Ms. Fishel who is the SGA advisor stated, “The problems were minimal. We had a delay in getting school-wide results out because there were so many votes that we needed to verify.” 

Around 1,100 students voted for school-wide candidates. The issue of counting votes did not come from an influx of students voting, but instead because of a new verification process that was put in place to ensure all votes were coming from real students.

Students who won will serve for the upcoming 2023-24 school year and work with other elected officials as well as their class to ensure everyone is heard. Junior Kate Campbell was elected Vice President for the class of 2024 and says, “I can’t wait to represent my class and make our senior year our best yet. I hope to make sure students’ mental health is taken care of more efficiently and plan an amazing prom for all of our seniors!”