MCPS Bus Hits Student’s Car on Campus


Malia Adams

Katherine Jones, News Section Director

 A B-CC student’s car was hit by a Montgomery County school bus in the student lot, right outside East-West Highway on April 19th. The car belongs to Nina Allen, a B-CC senior. She quickly received many calls and concerned texts about the incident. When asked if she would press charges, Allen responded, “No, it’s the third time someone has hit me in the student lot.” 

Crashes on campus between students are not uncommon; however, many were struck that it was a school bus that hit the student’s vehicle. A witness to the crash, Malia Adams says, “I was so shocked to see a bus on that side of the loop.”

Adams was able to confirm that the accident was a mistake: “The driver accidentally turned into the student lot instead of the bus loop, and in an attempt to reverse, ended up backing into Nina’s car.”