Introducing “Tune-In Tuesdays”


Nathaniel Seaman

Edison Dohler, staff

B-CC has now started “Tune-In Tuesdays”, clubs and departments can now submit a playlist for consideration. This end of year implementation allows for seven songs to be played during every passing period on Tuesdays. 

Shortly before Spring Break, students were notified during 3rd period that tests were being run on the public announcement system and to expect some noise. However, many students and staff were shocked to hear the entirety of “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson play. After that, various songs started to play in the hallways between classes. From “I’ve Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas, to “Vivir Mi Vida” by Marc Antony. 

The student’s reactions have been mixed. Some get irrationally angry when they hear the music, some find it funny, and some don’t mind it because they have their own music playing in their headphones anyway. One senior, Joseph Aurbach, feels, “the music is a nice way to close out my senior year, I don’t know if it should be for the entire year, but it’s a nice change.” Some complaints are not about the playing of the music, but the song selection. Another senior, Emerson Delfin, suggested, “they need to play more modern music, or at least something less generic than “Happy” by Pharell Williams.” 

Students are only allowed to submit a playlist through groups involved in a club or department. If you are interested in hearing your own curation of tunes throughout the day, email Ms. Adamson.