New MCPS Budget for 2023-2024 School Year

Edison Dohler, staff

The Board took on a $3.2 billion proposed operating budget for the 2023-2024 school year on February 23. Several features become available with this increase in budget, such as free AP/IB exams and Dual Enrollment, $120 million towards increasing staff pay, college application resources, a bus tracking app, equitable access to online courses, increased security presence, and an expansion of free Pre-K, IB programs, and support for student mental health.


When asked how he felt this new budget would affect him in school next year, B-CC sophomore Kai Gardella explained, “Now that the financial burden is potentially gone, [he is] planning on taking on more AP courses for [his] junior year and maybe even adding a few IB courses now that they are getting more attention from the county.” Additionally, Gardella thinks “support for student mental health will help everyone at B-CC breathe a little easier.” The new budget will be allocated and used in many different ways.