Once Upon A Prom Launches Annual Giveaway

Will Swann

Once Upon A Prom (OUAP), an organization led by B-CC students, gave away over 600 dresses this past Friday. The giveaway marked the 13th since OUAP’s inception in 2010.

“[The event] went really well,” said co-president Anna Antinolfi, adding, “We had a huge turnout, and it was amazing to see the outreach we have to so many boys and girls looking for prom attire.”

Student beneficiaries of OUAP could be seen with multiple dresses in their hands and smiles on their faces. “I’m really grateful for this cause; otherwise, I would have to buy a dress, which we can’t afford,” said Grace James, a student at Gaithersburg High School.

According to its leaders, OUAP hopes to further expand its outreach efforts and reach more students next year.