Low Participation in B-CC’s Black History Spirit Week Frustrates B-CC Students

Milan Bhayana

February 24 marked the last day of B-CC’s Black History Month Spirit Week—an event most B-CC students didn’t know was happening. The organizers of the spirit week were the leaders of B-CC’s Black Student Union (BSU). They expressed, “I think the administration definitely could have put out information earlier regarding spirit week. Active support from administration like advertising on announcements or B-CC T.V. would have resulted in greater participation.”

The only announcement about the spirit week came on Monday, February 20, which was the day before the spirit week began. Other spirit weeks have featured emails being sent out each day of the week, reminding students of the theme. The lack of reminders for this spirit week seemed to take a toll on student participation.

“While there was some participation from active members of BSU, many forgot or were unaware it was happening,” commented BSU representatives.

Others agreed with them. “I didn’t even know there was a spirit week,” said B-CC junior Spencer Kesterman. “If I had known it was happening, I definitely would have participated.”

BSU leaders were not the only ones who expressed concerns. Dean Hammerman, a B-CC junior and SGA liaison, stated, “The lack of the administration’s communication ability on this is very frustrating to the student body.”

Reflecting on Black History Month as a whole, BSU leaders expressed, “In a perfect world, there would’ve been more school involvement with Black History Month festivities.” Nevertheless, they aim to significantly increase participation next year.