B-CC Spirit Persists Despite End-of-the-Semester Exhaustion

Ali Hellerman

Spirit Week kicked off the last week of semester one. Monday was jersey day, Tuesday was pajama day, and Wednesday saw students’ best flannel outfits. Thursday was marked with a shower of blue and gold as Barons flaunted their B-CC pride.

Despite all the participation, some students didn’t understand the hype surrounding spirit week. “I’m only going to participate in pajama day on Tuesday,” commented B-CC junior Sadie Virbickas. “I just don’t see the point of [spirit week], and it’s not really a big deal here.”

Others have found the significance of spirit week elsewhere. B-CC junior Noah Light stated, “I think that SGA does a good job of spreading awareness of Spirit Week.”

Light was referencing B-CC’s student government association (SGA), which included spirit week as a part of the fourth and final week of B-CC’s charity month, announcing that students had the chance to win a gift card of up to $50 for participating in the daily themes of spirit week.