Pep Rally Event Goes Viral

Junior Charbel Womack takes home a $50 award and 260k views on TikTok.

Mack Fisher, staff

Before the much anticipated basketball game against Winston Churchill High School, the B-CC SGA held a pep rally in the gym with performances from Drumline, Latin Dance, Cheer, and Poms on January 13th.
The highlight of the event happened during the second rally. Dr. Mooney, who was attempting to make a three pointer, rolled the ball to the edge of the stands, and B-CC junior Charbel Womack picked it up.
Womack stood up and sank a three pointer. The whole gym went ballistic with B-CC Senior Kyle Tatelbaum, who also led the rally, entering ” a wave of euphoria like never before.” A video of the event now has over 260k views on Tiktok and Charbel took home a $50 Dunkin gift card with him.
The purpose of the two rallies was to help spread awareness for charity month, and encourage donations for the Feed the Fridge, a nonprofit that helps feed families who have limited access to healthy foods.
Due to the limited capacity of the gym, there were two different rallies one after the other. B-CC senior and drumline member Will Volkers said the performances were “exciting and energy-filled,” adding “all the groups performed really well.”