B-CC Wins PBS “It’s Academic” Trivia

Ali Hellerman

Hitting a grand total of 585 points, B-CC students won a match of “It’s Academic,” an academic trivia show on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Barons will make another appearance on the show for the playoffs later this year.

Just behind the Barons were students from Edison High School and South County High School, who obtained 535 and 350 points, respectively. Aidan Lash, a B-CC senior and the leader of B-CC’s It’s Academic club, stated, “We see the club as a fun activity, not as a super competitive thing, even though we’d rather win!”

With the support of their club, James Bellew, Sasha Grosberg, and Kate McManus represented B-CC in this round of It’s Academic. They answered questions ranging from “What English nationalist came to the conclusion cats with blue eyes are invariably deaf?” to “Given Hungary and Haiti, which third and final country that starts with H is a part of the United Nations?”

Lash emphasizes that their club is still recruiting members: “We want to promote trivia as much as we can and create a community around it!”