B-CC Administration Strikes Back: Hall Pass Policy Changed Again

Some agree with B-CC’s new hall pass policy. Others don’t.

Riley Petersen

B-CC administration has updated the hall pass policy to prohibit students from using the bathroom in the first and last ten minutes of class. Teachers must also place passes toward the back of the classroom instead of the front.

Brielle Anderson, a B-CC sophomore, stated, “This policy hurts students because it means that you are missing the actual instruction time and disrupting in the middle of a lecture rather than just going during the beginning or end of class when no instruction is really happening.”

This raises the issue of students leaving during inconvenient times, such as in the middle of a test or lecture, instead of during a warmup or after most of the lesson has finished.

At the start of the school year, B-CC administration announced that they would be taking new measures to limit students leaving the classroom through color-coded hall passes that correspond to the hallway your class is in. This allowed staff to regulate students’ locations and prevent many from wandering different hallways to skip class.

When this policy proved ineffective, the administration began locking bathrooms throughout the school in order to limit the spaces students could use to skip class. Despite this modification, one B-CC teacher explained to her class that the issue of students skipping class and misbehaving in the bathrooms has persisted, leaving administration no choice but to update the policy again.

This time, the policy aims to make it more difficult for students to take the pass and disappear for the entire period. With this being B-CC administration’s third attempt to create an effective hall pass policy, only time will tell if they have finally cracked the code and found a way to keep students in class.