B-CC Poms will perform at Wizards Game

Ali Hellerman

B-CC Poms will perform at an NBA* game in the D.C. Capital One Arena on Wednesday, January 11. During the Wizards v. Chicago Bulls halftime show, Poms will light up the stage with a dance sequence that took multiple weeks to create.

The biggest preparation for the performance is making our five minute routine which takes a little bit longer than a month. After teaching it, we aim to hit a certain number of full run-throughs per day so that we can build up both our stamina and technique,” stated Poms Captain Ailey Fogel-Bublick.

This is not the first time Poms performed during a Wizards halftime show. “It was a really fun experience performing last year with our whole team,” Poms member Audrey Ohrenstien pointed out. “Especially because it was the first time B-CC Poms had ever done that! Everyone was really excited and no one really knew what to expect.”

Fogel-Bublick also has fond memories of that performance: “We became so much more confident about our other competitions since nothing compares to the size of Capital One.” Adding on, she noted that Poms works on more than just dances.

“We create a very inclusive environment,” Fogel-Bublick mentioned. “I make sure to not only help with leading practices and choreography but be someone that my teammates can rely on for any sort of advice.”

B-CC also has the opportunity to support Poms by buying tickets to the game here.


*National Basketball Association