What is SGA Doing?

An interview with the president of 2024 SGA

Ali Hellerman, staff

In true SGA fashion, class of 2024 president Ryan Maged has made it his obligation to make B-CC a better place for its juniors. He told the Tattler his top priorities are “improved concession stands at sporting events, [and] reopening the school store.”
Why? Maged explains, “if we can get a good amount of funding for the first bit of the year, we will be able to fund more fun opportunities for students later in the year. Our goal is to get an extra dance. We are pushing hard for it.”
Additionally, Maged wants to renew our sense of B-CC pride. Every week, he meets with the other members of SGA 2024 to “talk about what [they] want to accomplish for the next few weeks. Also, we like to bring up the student opinions and feedback people receive all week long and consider what we can do to address them.”
Because of how big the grade is, SGA 2024 needs to have an efficient process for achieving its goals.
“Someone will voice an issue they want to take care of to a group of us. Then we all put our heads together to try to find a solution. Then from there, we put whatever plan we have into action, usually beginning with collaborating with our sponsor [Ms. Petro] to contact administrators, other teachers, or leaders of organizations we want to speak with,” said Maged.
Maged has been doing this for a long time. “I love being your president! I hope everyone loves this school as much as I do, and if you don’t, talk to an SGA officer so your voice is heard.”