Halloweekend Aftermath Ignites a Surge of Absences at End of Quarter

Boo! A bug!

Katherine Jones

Befitting of the Halloween spirit, students were greeted with a fright as they walked into class on Monday, October 31: a wave of sickness. The aftermath of the Halloweekend social scene took a toll on the B-CC student body, with classes seeing absences increase by the period as more students left due to worsening symptoms. The chain reaction that stemmed from Halloween parties couldn’t have been triggered at a more inconvenient time: the end of quarter one.

Sleepless nights were spent turning in old assignments, studying for retakes, and writing very compelling emails, all to turn that 89.2% into an A. Despite all the effort students put in, for some, the final say in their quarter-one grades was in the hands of a stomach bug. Kate Campbell, a B-CC junior, shares her experience with missing the last five days of the quarter: “I’ve been laying in bed with a cough, fever, and runny nose while I could have been working on those last assignments.”

Claire Campbell, Kate’s sister and another B-CC junior, also managed to catch a case of “End-of-Quarter Flu,” despite attending different Halloweekend social events than her sister. Consequently, Claire was out from Tuesday until Friday, but not even all of Friday. After Claire’s doctor cleared her return, she came to B-CC after Friday’s lunch period, solely to take the tests she had missed.

Regardless of quarter-one grades, Barons hopefully used the recent four-day weekend to recover and start quarter two on a strong foot!