*ALERT* Streakers on the Loose

It’s not just athletes on the field.

Logan Tongberg and Katie Dorsey

Recent popularity of the Instagram account @mcps_streakerz has sparked conversation among students at Montgomery County schools. A group of teenage boys, assumed to be MCPS students, have been visiting different schools at night and running around naked while recording themselves.
Their first post was on April 29, 2022, and it captured a video of them dancing and running across an unidentifiable field. Another post was made again on July 24, doing the same on the Walter Johnson football field. Despite not posting for a few months, the account recently made a reappearance, posting a video on Walt Whitman High School’s field on October 16.
A majority of the Instagram account’s following is made up of B-CC students, and it has become apparent in their recent posts that they streak on the field of the next opponent of the B-CC football team. On October 7, during the B-CC vs. WJ game, a similar group of boys who are hypothesized to be related to the streaker account ran across the football field during a timeout near the end of the game in masks and dark clothing. A direct correlation cannot be confirmed but is in speculation.
B-CC junior Walter Griner, shares his thoughts on the account, saying that publicly posting yourself streaking is “definitely not looked at as a smart thing to do and it’s something you can get in trouble for, but I think a lot of students see it as funny.” Griner explains that compared to slander and trash talk that’s set out to support school rivalries on other accounts, it seems less harsh and playful.
Recently, on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, it has become a trend on social media to “beef” with other schools before sporting events. Social media is increasingly becoming a core way to demonstrate school spirit surrounding each game, and B-CC is no exception.