“Politicians are Fools, Fund our Schools”: Teachers Protest in Support of Higher Salaries


Teachers protesting in front of the Fox News building in Bethesda

30 B-CC faculty members marched from the front lawn of the school to the Fox News building on Wisconsin Ave in support of a proposed tax bill that would allow teacher salaries to be raised. The vote for this bill is being held today. 

After 20 minutes of chanting “Politicians are fools, fund our schools,” Dan Janis, the leader of the demonstration and a teacher at B-CC, was interviewed by Fox News as the group of teachers stood in the background. The teachers all wore red shirts in support of “Red for Ed,” according to Janis.

“The turnout was great,” said Janis, adding, “Better than I expected.” Another teacher, Guillermo Melendez, said, “We have almost 20% of our staff here, and we need to stand up for what’s right,” adding, “I’ve been at MCPS and I’ve never seen pay negotiations go this late and it’s not cool they are disrespecting us like this.” David Shanks, a member of the Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA), added, “Teachers are struggling and the county doesn’t give the money to the right places.” 

When asked further about the misallocation of school funds Shanks said, “While I don’t know the full extent of where every dollar is spent we must know where our money goes, especially when students are asking about it.”  

A pedestrian who witnessed the demonstration voiced her support for the teachers, telling The Tattler, “Teachers deserve much higher salaries.” Passing cars were honking in support of the teachers as they drove by.