Football is a Year-Round Commitment



Adam Niman, Sports Section Director

While football is a fall sport, the season doesn’t start the first day of tryouts in August like the other fall sports, it starts right after post-season the year before. Unlike most other fall sports, the final whistle of the season only marks the beginning of oncoming months of hard work. Both the work ethic and sense of community among the team are far from lost in football’s so called “off season”. “Although you can’t feel your fingers and your feet, it is good to get that offseason work in,” said junior Will Margolis in reference to the team’s winter work outs.

In the midst of constant physical strain from their team workouts, members of the football team are tested on their athletic capabilities through various tests, including the forty yard dash, vertical jump, bench press, squat, and pro agility. “Not only is it a chance for coaches to see how the players are progressing, but it is a great way to encourage each other to push past their limits,” said Seth Weaver, a junior and football team captain.

These winter work outs are also a great way for kids to get active and learn how to properly exercise. Coach Minturn preaches proper technique to prevent injury. Once the right techniques are established in the first couple workouts, each athlete is assigned a workout plan to follow throughout the winter in order to strengthen their weaknesses.

The activeness of the football team group chat has proven to be a popular venue for building team camaraderie as team members set times to run players-only practices and banter about the team. According to Carson Griffey, a junior and football team captain, the group chat strengthens the teams chemistry. “Team chemistry is super important and it is great that we continue to talk [in the football group chat] even when we’re not in season,” said Griffey. 

After a grueling winter, filled with tough work outs and strenuous physical tests, the team gets Carson Griffey said, “I love getting outside and throwing with the guys as soon as the weather gets nice.” Spring is an important part of the offseason because it allows players to get lots of workouts outside on a field together. It is also a chance to show the coaches who put in a lot of work over the course of the winter.

Then when summer rolls around, the players put the last-minute adjustments before they get going under the lights every Friday. It is also a chance for all the incoming freshmen to get a taste of what football is all about before the actual season begins. 

All of the offseason work is put to the test at the end of the summer when the players get to put the pads back on and get ready to roll for the upcoming fall season.