Ticket Prices Discourage Barons from Attending Games

Changes in ticket price policies deter students from attending B-CC sporting events, at the cost of the Baron Community.

Brooke Silver, Sports Director

Whether fans come to B-CC sporting events to socialize with friends, cheer on a player, dress up for that night’s theme, or all of the above, bonds between students created at games are essential for the Baron community. However, game ticket prices discourage unity between Baron athletes and attendance at games.

In the past, Baron athletes could show ticket administrators their sports jerseys and be let in for free, but this year that rule no longer applies unless the entire team is present. Free entry encouraged many athletes to support other B-CC teams, creating bonds and relationships between all Baron athletes. Prime example, Chloe Wise, a junior on B-CC girls tennis, stated, “Last year I used my jersey to enter games, allowing me to easily cheer on other teams. In return, when other Baron athletes came to my matches, I would feel like I was really involved in a community.” B-CC athletic events contribute to community building between athletes and encourage relationships between sports teams; however, prices of tickets are diminishing at these two significant aspects of Baron culture.

As of now, every student is expected to pay a five dollar entrance fee to attend any game, and these fees do pile up. B-CC junior, Sam Kolton, expressed that “not everyone can pay five dollars to go see their friends soccer game on Monday, watch field hockey on Wednesday, and finish off the week on Friday night at football. It’s not fair for students to have to pay to be a part of the B-CC community and participate in the B-CC spirit. If all sports were free, more students would be able to attend and feel included in these events.”

A large aspect of being a Baron is the community that comes with it, and forcing students to go out of pocket in order to participate in school sporting events is absurd. Tickets should be free for all students in order to create a more inclusive environment at B-CC.