Ultimate Frisbee Team Wins Back to Back State Championships


Anthony Manzo

Milan Bhayana, Staff

B-CC’s Ultimate Frisbee team won the state championship on Monday, May 15th, going back-to-back for state titles.  

In the finals, they defeated Whitman 10 – 9, the closest game they had this year. The Barons have dominated the ultimate frisbee league for the past two years, winning multiple matches by 10 or more points. The Barons had a point differential of 51 throughout eight games played during the state championship. 

The honorary Most Valuable Player (MVP) award was given to Ari Pincus, one of the three team captains alongside Elie Hart, Max Posner, and Collin G-T. However, Star Senior attacker Oliver Kahn said, “It wasn’t just a few people carrying the team, every single person on the field was going 100% the whole weekend and was playing at the highest level I’ve seen this year.”

Oliver also gives lots of credit to the team’s excellent coaching staff, headed by Andrew “Window” Nguyen and Eric “Cash Money” Yoon. Throughout the year, the coaching staff has helped the barons stay one step ahead of the competition, and winning the state title took some of their best strategies yet.  

The Barons’ game plan for the weekend was to win through their strong defense. Star senior defender Oliver Kahn says, “The best offense is a better defense.” The Barons pioneered new strategies of bracketing and a new technique they call “Dawg Defense”, where each member of the Barons team does what they are best at rather than having a unified strategy. 

Junior Patrick Crowell, the offensive coordinator says, “We focused on valuing the disk and not producing unnecessary turnovers.”

The victory meant a lot to the team as well as just the title. Kahn said the victory was “a celebration of everything we’d worked for at the last 4 years of practice and tournaments.” 

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular sport in the United States, with over 5 million participants. The game is similar to American football, with each team trying to pass the frisbee down the field to score in the opponent’s end zone. Once the frisbee is caught, each player cannot take any additional steps and must pass to a teammate. If the frisbee goes out of bounds or hits the ground, it turns over to the other team. 

If you are interested in joining the Championship Ultimate Frisbee team, just reach out to them on their Instagram @baronsultimatefrisbee! They’re always accepting new members.