A Soapy Senior Prank


Lily Kolakowski

Ali Hellerman, Staff

Throughout B-CC last week, the senior class filled the hallways with pranks of all different shapes and sizes.

“It was a last-minute decision and we didn’t know where or when we were gonna do it. I kinda just texted in the group chat ‘slip n slide in C1 rn everyone come,”recalls senior Olivia Herscowitz, adding, “I think it was definitely a very memorable prank. It was something everyone was able to participate in while also having fun. The other grades definitely got entertainment out of it.” 

Max Saunders, a sophomore at B-CC adds, “I saw all everybody participating in the slip n slide. I had a lot of fun and it was better than being in class.”  

Senior pranks have long been a fun tradition, students look forward to as they end their high school careers. 

Students should work closely with school staff to make sure that their pranks are appropriate and do not cause harm or damage to property. By approaching senior pranks with maturity and respect, students can leave a positive impression on underclassmen. Herschowtiz revealed, “Admin was not very happy..but that’s the goal…but they were not angry. I got approval from Ms. Adamson and Dr. Mooney, just because I knew this prank could cause damage and would be a hassle to clean up. I assured them that we would clean up after ourselves and there would not be water in our hallways.”

 “I thought this was a great prank. I think a lot of people will remember it because it was fun but equally just as safe.” Said Ava Nucci, a junior at B-CC. 

“At first nobody really wanted to go on it because we didn’t want to get dirty and like everyone thought it would be embarrassing to go first but then within 5 minutes we were all pulling each other into the shaving cream and getting it all over each other. I’m glad I have all these memories,” Herscowitz reminisced. 

By upholding a responsible approach and collaborating closely with school officials, seniors can leave behind a positive legacy while enjoying the final moments of their high school journey.