Students Rushed to Hospital After Being Discovered Unconscious in a B-CC Bathroom


Katherine Jones and Bennett Galper

Two B-CC students were found unconscious, allegedly due to alcohol abuse, in the B2 bathroom midway through first period today. A witness who wishes to remain anonymous was using the bathroom when they realized there were two students lying on the ground: “I saw two [students] on the floor clearly drunk, slurring their words.”
Another student who happened to be present shared that they were scared that their peers’ intoxication would cause a medical emergency and immediately started shouting for help. Passing security heard the students and rushed to their aid. An ambulance was immediately called, and after attending to the students, Dr. Mooney blocked off the hallways via an announcement. The students were transported to the hospital via an ambulance.
The familiarity of this incident is as alarming as the event itself. Substance abuse is a growing concern within the community: less than a week ago, Tattler reporters* were asked to attend a Montgomery County Town Hall, attended by the police chief of Montgomery County and MCPS’ Superintendent, regarding the 120% increase of adolescent deaths due to substance abuse.
In an interview following the incident, B-CC administrator Ms. Vickie Adamson commented, “we are trying to be as vigilant as we can to inform students of the dangers and work with families.”
Students are shocked, especially given the time and place of the incident.“When somebody does something like this…something is wrong,” commented one and another,“cmon, it’s 8am on a Monday.”

*In-depth reporting regarding this issue will be published soon.