Is It Spirit If You Always Come To School In Your Pajamas?

Resurrecting B-CC spirit is harder than it sounds. Some Barons disagree.


Colin McKelvey

Baron Colin McKelvey participating in “Anything But a Backpack” day

Caroline O'Brien

“Who runs the DMV? B-CC! Who runs the DMV? B-CC!”
Despite the enthusiastic chanting at B-CC’s JV homecoming football game, participation was not consistent throughout the school. Themes for this year’s spirit week included pajama day, “Anything But a Backpack” day, pink out, superhero/villain day, and class colors day. Some students and teachers went all out, wearing head-to-toe onesies and villain costumes (ahem, F-wing’s Maleficent!), while others simply wore themed shirts or PJ shorts, if they participated at all.
Mr. O’Halloran, a teacher who has taught at B-CC for five years, believes “maybe in the past—at least it seems like—spirit week was a bigger deal and there was more participation.” He surmises that the pandemic may have changed a lot of that. However, senior Raia Dunn, who has been at B-CC since before COVID, disagrees because spirit week has never “been ‘canceled’ despite everything that has gone on.”
Pajama day saw the most participation from students. Junior Emily Grolleman found it to be “the easiest, casual, and most accessible” theme. There was more debate about “Anything But a Backpack” Day. Although Grolleman loved seeing shopping carts and other quirky items parading through the halls of B-CC, like a home-made coffin, other students like Junior Giulana Walker saw it as a “little bit of a hassle.”
Nevertheless, this year’s spirit week gave everyone a chance to creatively express themselves and their Baron Pride. It was also a perfect opportunity for new students and staff members or anyone who previously felt out of place to get involved in the B-CC community.