NoMo of the Old HoCo?

B-CC adjusts HoCo after brawl between Gaithersburg and Northwest High Schools



B-CC’s Homecoming Dance

Ali Hellerman

Barons were excited to attend the Homecoming football game on Friday, September 23rd. However, the Friday before Gaithersburg High School’s football team, who BCC was slated to play, got into a brawl with their opponent, Northwest High School. This led MCPS to temporarily suspend both programs during the subsequent investigation. This spontaneous challenge left administrators with a difficult question: “Who will the Varsity Football team play for homecoming night on Friday?” The Board of Education ultimately decided that the BCC’s Junior Varsity team would play Richard Montgomery’s Junior Varsity football team. Although a little distraught from the last minute change, students were still grateful to be able to attend a homecoming football game before the dance the following night.

“Even though this year’s game wasn’t what we expected, I will never take homecoming for granted again. I’m just glad that there was a dance and a game that we were able to go to,” says Grayson Barrow. Many students remember the fall of 2020, when they weren’t allowed to participate in school events and gatherings. “I forgot that school spirit is a thing and that going to these games and being with my school friends outside of school is so much fun”, said Molly Pachman, a senior. With the student section overflowing at each home game, it’s obvious that the BCC Barons are definitely enthusiastic about their school spirit.

The homecoming dance was held on Saturday the 24th from 6-9pm on the concourse. “I was really nervous to go because it was my first dance ever, but I ended up having a really good time,” said a B-CC freshman. Before Covid, however, the dance looked a little different. It started much later, going from 8-11pm. Students also had to complete an attestation form to the front office in order to purchase a ticket.

Although the Homecoming football game and the dance haven’t always looked like what they do now, that does not mean that BCC students didn’t have a good time. Students of all grades enjoyed cheering with their friends at the game, celebrating the win, and dancing the following night on the concourse.