A Totally Accurate Recount of Everything that Went Down

The struggle was real.


Claire Wang

Please, let me out!

Claire Wang

We all know how difficult Wednesday’s events were for everyone, including, but not limited to, students, staff, and parents; however, I find that people failed to mention how much I  struggled throughout the lockdown.

Hour 0
Without any real information about what was going on outside the room, I could only focus on what was happening inside. Seriously, there I was, sitting in my class, and all I could think about was lunch. I waited two minutes to see if we were released, and still nothing. I scrambled through my backpack in search of a snack but all I came across is a year-old granola bar. I guess it will have to do. Hungry eyes peer at me in the dark like a tiger stalking its prey. The glow of their eyes is alarming but also comforting because people have been avoiding eye contact.

Hour 1
The granola bar started to make it through my digestive system and of course, I encountered an even greater problem. It might get a little T.M.I. here, but…it was my tampon. I raised my hand and asked my teacher to go to the restroom but they shushed me. At this point, I had already accepted that my underwear and shorts were goners, but there was still hope in saving my social reputation. Leaving the room with a bloody seat would not be an ideal memory for senior year. I once again pleaded with my teacher to let me out. This time, I was politely told to “shut the {expletive} up.” I knew at this point I had already developed a U.T.I. and will probably pass out from the pain.
To pass the time, I texted my friends and family. Keeping them updated on my issues and problems mostly concerning my very real need to use the bathroom. I really really need to go to the bathroom O.M.G.
The literal worst day of my life.

Hour 2
We had resorted to rations and were considering eating the freshmen at this rate.

Hour 2.1
A beep resonated through the room: “All students, may I have your attention please. The lockdown is officially over and you may return to your original instruction.” Cheers and fist-bumps mark the first sounds I’ve heard in the past hours. But I did not have time for celebration: I needed to pee.

The Take-Away
So, what is there really to say about this? It comes as easily as Googling B-CC HS on the internet to see a news article pinned “Student Rumor Sparked False Report of Gun.” We simply built with the tools we had and allowed ourselves to handle the situation in our own way. We did our best. Well, that’s my two cents for the year, and now I’ve got to go pee :).