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Multitasking is becoming a more evident problem at BCC.
A Common Fallacy: The Truth Behind Multitasking
May 24, 2024

As defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, multitasking is “a person or product’s ability to do more than one thing at a time.” Think deeply...

B-CC has experienced a steep decline in school spirit.
The Death of School Spirit at B-CC
May 24, 2024

“If you have less school spirit, fewer people are going to get involved in school, and it is going to create less spirit,” said Senior Julian...

Boys Lacrosse Season Recap
Boys Lacrosse Season Recap
May 24, 2024

On Friday, May 3, Boys Lacrosse extended their win streak to seven in the last game of the regular season. The Barons dominated Wootton by a...

Girls Tennis Competes at MCPS County Tournament
Girls' Tennis Competes at MCPS County Tournament
May 24, 2024

Girls Tennis competed in the MCPS County Tournament this week, sending four singles members and three doubles teams to play. Competing at...

"Little Barons" Celebrate Preschool Graduation
May 24, 2024

While B-CC’s Class of 2024 will not graduate until June 10, members of the class of 2037 had their big day today. On Thursday, May 23, the...

An example of Damians nail art
B-CC Student Runs Successful Nail Business
May 24, 2024

Have you ever wanted to get your nails done but lacked the time, energy, and resources to go to a crowded nail salon? Well, you’re in luck,...

Chiefs kicker makes very controversial speech regarding a women’s role in society
Kansas City Chiefs Kicker Delivers Controversial Commencement Speech
May 24, 2024

Graduation season is here and so, it seems, are controversial graduation speeches. In a faith-based 20-minute commencement address at Catholic...

The Educate to Stop the Hate Act: New State Bill Proposed in Maryland

A new Maryland state bill, The Educate to Stop the Hate Act, proposes a requirement for county school boards to incorporate Holocaust education into U.S. history class curriculums.
Wisconsin state assembly
Holocaust education would be a requirement under the Educate to Stop the Hate Act

A new Maryland state bill, The Educate to Stop the Hate Act, proposes a requirement for county school boards to incorporate Holocaust education into U.S. history class curriculums. Schools that do not comply could lose funding from the state board of education. The bill is sponsored by Senator Ben Kramer, who represents the Aspen Hill area. 

The bill was prompted by a recent rise in antisemitic incidents across school campuses countrywide, such as hateful graffiti including swastika drawings. This rise has been prominent in Montgomery County, as students at Montgomery Blair High School were seen “performing an antisemitic salute” last September. In December 2022, Walt Whitman High School received national attention for a vandalized entrance sign painted with the message, “Jews Not Welcome,” just days after a schoolwide lesson on antisemitism. Over the course of 2022, Montgomery County saw a 261% increase in antisemitic incidents according to the Anti-Defamation League. 

“I think the Educate to Stop the Hate Act is a no brainer,” said Darci Rochkind, Co-president of the Jewish Student Union. She added, “The fact that Holocaust education isn’t required says something in itself. Passing the act would send a clear signal that Maryland is taking the rise of antisemitism seriously and is committed to combating all forms of hate.”

The bill has already passed the Senate, and must receive a favorable vote from the House by the end of the 2024 legislative session to progress. If this occurs, the bill will be eligible to be signed into law by Governor Wes Moore. 

Junior Emmett Lanter shared, “I feel this act is a great idea, especially considering all the violence and hatred we see today. I think this bill will spread awareness and educate students about a terrible time in history and the persecution of millions of people.” Rochkind emphasized, “Jewish students need to feel heard and that their schools care about their safety and wellbeing.”

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