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John and Jane Parents 1 v. Montgomery County Board of Education: Parents Challenge School Support Plans for Trans Students
John and Jane Parents 1 v. Montgomery County Board of Education: Parents Challenge School Support Plans for Trans Students
June 14, 2024

On May 20, 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States denied a Maryland parents’ petition that challenged school support plans for trans...

Track and Field season comes to an end.
Track and Field: Road to Nationals
June 12, 2024

Though the school year is winding down, Track and Field is not. They attended the MPSSAA 4A Track and Field State Championships from May 21 through...

Lockdowns are becoming increasingly common country-wide.
Life in Lockdown
June 12, 2024

With lockdowns becoming increasingly more common around the country, the chilling reality of these incidents has recently hit close to home for...

Rivalries at BCC.
The Importance of Rivalries
June 11, 2024

For better or for worse, rivalries are a huge part of the game for B-CC athletic teams. Not only do rivalries promote school spirit and motivate...

Pitcher of the Year: Henry Eichner
Pitcher of the Year: Henry Eichner
June 11, 2024

Henry Eichner took home the Division 1 Pitcher of the Year award to cap off an incredible junior season. Eichner led B-CC’s elite pitching...

Varsity Girls Basketball took the court at the State Championship.
A Year in Review of Baron Sports
June 11, 2024

Athletic Director Mr. Krawczel is pleased with the results of the school’s athletes this year. Looking back on 2023-2024, though, he was less...

Check out drive-in movies across the DMV
Coming To a Field Near You...
June 7, 2024

With summer kicking off, students wonder what they should do with their friends. Between pool days and going to museums in DC, a fun and unique...

How to Minimize Negative Stress

With our school year now in full swing, Barons are experiencing negative stress from their workload, but mental strain doesn’t have to be inevitable.
Jonah Peters
Senior Eliza Murphy falls asleep while studying for an AP Chemistry test.

Stress can express itself in multiple forms, whether it be good or bad. Stress is there to keep students motivated and encourage them to learn new things. However, it can also make them exhausted and anxious. With our school year now in full swing, Barons are experiencing negative stress from their workload, but mental strain doesn’t have to be inevitable. B-CC has wrapped up its Wellness Week, and students have participated in activities to better their mental health. While therapy dogs and sidewalk chalk won’t be permanent fixtures at B-CC, here are some things Barons can do during the school year to lighten the burden of your work. 

Most importantly, enroll in courses that meet your personal needs. In a couple of months, students will finalize their choices for the 2024-2025 school year. B-CC’s academic environment is competitive among students, which influences the classes that many decide to take. Guidance counselor Temitope Unonu explained, “Their peers, family, and friends can expect much from them, and because that is all they know, they decide to over-commit.” In theory, these high-level classes may seem like the only way to succeed, but they are not, and can actually be a one-way ticket to burnout. 

Of course, this doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t take difficult classes. They just have to make sure they are not biting off more than they can chew. Junior Fernando Castro who is a part of the IB Diploma program shared, “Though the IB program is really rigorous at times, I find myself being very fascinated with the way I’m learning.” Some students with advanced course loads elect to take Approaches to Learning, or a Resource class, to build in a study hall. Others prioritize electives that allow them to relax and pursue a personal passion. For upperclassmen, an internship, teaching assistant position, or abbreviated schedule can release the pressure.

Even with manageable classes, students still find themselves overwhelmed every now and then. The key to not breaking down from exhaustion is simply to balance one’s time. Everyone is aware that avoiding work will cause it to pile up, which adds to stress. But it also works the other way around. If students overwork themselves, then they will eventually run out of steam. 

That English assignment may seem like the difference between life and death, but students are allowed to take a break. “When I’m tired I stop myself and take time to myself to declutter my mind,” said Junior Leila Burnett when asked about how she practices self-care. Senior Francesca Ryan added, “Make sure to take time for yourself every day. You could listen to music, Facetime your friends, work out, do art, journal, or anything relaxing.” 

If the struggle to keep up persists, students should reach out for help. As scary as may seems, teachers and counselors are there for students and want them to flourish. However, they cannot assist students who don’t communicate their needs. If that seems too intimidating, students can confide in their peers. Burnett said, “I believe the best way to succeed when you are stressed is to have a good support system.” 

Next time Barons find themselves piled with work, they should think about how they can minimize negative stressors and turn them into positives. 


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