Take a Trip


Nathaniel Seaman

Georgetown waterfront

Summertime is the best time of year to hang out with friends and relax, but sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do when staying local, especially when we’re already familiar with all the popular places in Bethesda . Here are some of our favorite underrated or unknown places in the DMV that make summer break unforgettable:


  1. At just about an hour away by car, you could go visit Little Italy in Baltimore! With its colorful brick buildings and rich history, Little Italy is perfect for those looking for something new and unique to do this summer without straying too far from home. It has several amazing restaurants, such as Gia’s Ristorante Italiano, Angelis Pizzeria, and Joe Bennys, all featuring authentic Italian cuisine. For those looking for a more historical visit, they could visit the Star Spangled Banner Flag House, a national historic landmark.
  2. For those just looking for a quick weekend trip filled with shopping, good food, and beautiful landscapes, Georgetown is a fantastic place to travel. Georgetown has become much more vibrant this school year, and many students only have positive comments regarding the wonderful city. Junior Jaydyn Fletcher, a Georgetown enthusiast, visits Georgetown several weekends a month. She shares, “My experience in Georgetown has been nothing short of amazing! I have really fond memories hanging out with my closest friends there and watching the sunset on the Potomac River. I am a fan-favorite of the scenery surrounding Georgetown, and more specifically, the Potomac River.”
  3. For those more interested in aesthetics and beauty, the Dumbarton Oaks Garden and the Franciscan Monastery Garden are beautiful in the summer and perfect photo locations, especially if you arrive early in the morning and beat the crowd. The Dumbarton Oaks Museum Garden’s walkway wraps around the park, showing off its stunning wisteria flowers complimented by a shimmering blue pool and gorgeous architecture. The Franciscan Monastery Garden is one of DC’s best gardens, known for its scenic views that remain all 24 hours of the day.
  4. For the best cozy and homey vibes, we recommend the Kensington Row Bookshop and surrounding stores, like the Olney Antique Village in Kensington. This bookshop contains all the classics bound in leather, and vintage photographs and postcards perfect for room decor. Subjectively, the best part about this bookshop is the small room off the upstairs with beautifully painted wooden chairs and a table upon which a massive chess set sits. The opposite side of the upstairs has books for as little as one dollar and a beautiful window with a little bench that makes you feel like you’re on vacation in a small town in Italy. The store is never crowded and full of photo opportunities. The Antique Village may not look like much from the outside, but it houses one-of-a-kind items ranging anywhere from jewelry and home decor to soaps and candles.
  5. For a full-day trip, I would recommend a trip to Annapolis. Only about a 45-minute drive from Bethesda, it has several fun activities to fill up a day or a weekend.  You could grab lunch or dinner at one of their many restaurants and then take a boat ride!  Also, if you love ice cream, Annapolis is the place for you. Known for the most ice cream shops in one area, Annapolis is famous for its refreshing and delicious treats. Every weekend there are lines going out the door in almost every ice cream store as individuals pack the streets to try their famous specialties.