A Senior Storm’s A’ Brewin’

“Imma storm so bad it’s gonna be a tornado bruh roll 24,”


Katherine Jones

Logan Tongberg, Staff

“Imma storm so bad it’s gonna be a tornado bruh roll 24,” exclaimed junior Ellie Watkins when asked about Senior Storm.  

Senior Storm is on June 8th, the day after the class of 2023’s graduation. The class of 2024 will be able to participate in a tradition that has occurred at B-CC for a long time to celebrate becoming seniors. “Senior Storm is an important and fun event that B-CC does to celebrate and initiate incoming seniors,” shared the school-wide president for the upcoming year, Ella Raymond, adding, “It helps to increase school spirit and get seniors/students excited for the next school year.”

There are many things juniors can do to participate in the festivities if they arrive before school starts, at 7:30 AM. “There will be a breakfast provided by the PTSA and a run through a designated hallway to mark the beginning of their senior year,” Raymond explained. The tradition also involves wearing B-CC merchandise and colors and taking pictures in front of the school with your friends before class begins. Teachers and administration have also accommodated juniors as they will have an excused tardy if they arrive before 8:20 AM. 

Junior Class of 2024 President, Ryan Maged, shared similar sentiments, “[Class of ’24 SGA] has worked very hard on this, and we hope everyone enjoys the kickoff to our senior year festivities.”