Low Career Day Attendance

Logan Tongberg, Staff

B-CC held career day on May 31, which was deemed a “non-instructional day” for students by the administration. After being told that there would be no instruction, 155 students were reportedly absent the entire day and 561 students were reportedly absent at least half the day, compared to 44 and 130, respectively. 

“We have over 100 professionals volunteering their time and expertise to share a glimpse of their work with our students,” Dr. Mooney explained on the list serve. A B-CC parent replied saying, “My son found last year’s presentations fascinating and valuable,” adding, “Most presenters have worked hard to create an engaging program for students-and the students may learn about fields they ever knew existed.”

Schoolwide Vice President Adin Eisler was one of the few who did attend all his classes. He expressed, “Although all the speakers were great I particularly liked the woman who talked about her salad dressing company. I thought it was interesting seeing how a small business owner operates,”. 

Junior Walter Griner shared a similar sentiment, “I thought it was a good experience and it was interesting to see so many different jobs that our community has. It was a unique opportunity and I think people missed out.”