B-CC Athletics Award Night: It’s Lonely at the Top


Katherine Jones

Mack Fisher, Staff

B-CC hosted its annual athletics awards night on Tuesday, May 23, to honor Barons who excelled during their respective seasons. For some Barons, the event’s attendance was disappointing. “Only about a third of the coaches showed up,” said sports director Mike Krawczel.

While receiving awards felt great to athletes after their commitment to representing the school, boys tennis captain Evan Winik expressed his disappointment in overall athlete attendance. “Only people who were recipients of the awards and their families showed up, and no one else knew about it,” said Winik. 

Boys lacrosse captain Aaron Tiao received the Male Athlete of the Year award, scoring 74 goals for the Barons. “There were ups and downs, but I was able to persevere through the season due to the help of my parents and coaches,” said Tiao. Gymnast and Pom Ailey Bublick received the Woman’s Athlete of the Year award. “I was kind of shocked when I received it because I know many athletes that had great accomplishments this year,” said Bublick.

Two athletes on every team received the Baron and Silver Star awards. The Baron Award commended the person on the team who had the most significant impact, not just through their performance but also through encouragement and general contribution. The Silver Star award is given to athletes who best demonstrate their skills during the season. 

Tennis captain Evan Winik received the Baron Award. “I felt amazing to be honored and recognized for the work and dedication that I put into trying to make the team fun for everyone,” said Winik. Kate Campbell received the Baron Award for girls’ soccer*. “It was really exciting to be recognized for my commitment to the sport and my team,” said Campbell. Anna Tercyak also received the Baron Award but for girls’ basketball. “It was nice to know that I had an impact on the team even though I wasn’t able to play this season.”

I felt amazing to be honored and recognized for the work and dedication that I put into trying to make the team fun for everyone,

— Evan Winik

“It felt great to receive an award,” said junior baseball team member Bobby Burk when asked about being awarded the Silver Star, adding, “Being honored and acknowledged like that by your coach is a great feeling.” Another silver star recipient, sophomore golfer Matias Losada, said, “[Receiving the silver star award] gives me motivation for the upcoming season and really showed how hard work pays off.”

*Correction: Kate Campbell won the Baron Award for Soccer and Cassidy Carroll won it for Lacrosse.