Prom: A Night to Remember?

Caroline O'Brien, Culture Director

“It was definitely a night to remember,” senior Oliver Kahn said while describing his senior prom experience; while this opinion was shared amongst the senior class, it often did not apply to the dance held at the Fillmore on May 19.

Perhaps the build-up—months of excitement and anticipation, days spent debating what to wear, and hours in front of the mirror—led to an inevitable let down. 

Overall, many of our Barons were not fond of this year’s dance at the Fillmore. While claiming to have had fun on the party bus with his friends, Adam Robinson was dissatisfied with the school dance, saying, “It was stupid.” He went on to say, “Kids shouldn’t pay for it next year, but do their own thing instead.” 

He wasn’t the only one with this opinion. Seniors Sally Hajhamed and Sebation Castro agreed. “The dance was okay. It could have been better. The music wasn’t that good, and the people were not into it,” said Hajhamed. 

Castro attended the dance for only 20 minutes, saying, “The dance was kinda whack.”.

It seems students enjoyed the before and after events more than the prom itself. 

“My favorite part was the before prom when we were taking pictures, and everyone was vibing,” said Hajamed, adding, “The after party was lit.”

It was unanimously agreed that attending the Monuments was the seniors’ favorite part. Jaya Connor explained she was a fan of the fashion. “Everyone looked so gorgeous, and I loved seeing everyone’s dresses in real life,” elaborated Connor.

“I definitely made so many memories,” said senior Eva Hauf.

When asked if any drama took place, Hauf made sure to keep her lips sealed, claiming she was not involved with it.

We all know there are many, MANY things the seniors are not sharing about prom, but one thing is for sure: it was a night to remember.