Class of 2023 to Class of 2024: Passing Down the Baton

Caroline O'Brien, Staff

“These past four years have made me learn many things even outside of academics,” said senior Isabelle Chauny.

As the school year winds down, it is time for the class of 2023 to pass the baton down to the class of 2024.

To many seniors, remembering their time at B-CC and looking toward an unfamiliar future is bittersweet. “I am very excited to move onto this new chapter of my life and enter adulthood after high school, but high school was a great experience,” said Chauny. 

With the class of 2023 leaving our halls, it’s time for the 2024 students to step up and be leaders for the younger Barons. 

“I am extremely excited about going into my senior year,” said junior Vaughn Garcia, who has played football at B-CC since his first year, adding, “It’s my last season playing, and I want to make it memorable.” Beyond the football field, Garcia remarked, “Another thing I’m excited about is spending [my] last school year with all of the friends and people I have met along the way through high school.” 

“It is really sad to see my friends leave because I have gotten very close to them,” said Garcia while commenting on the seniors leaving.

Another rising senior, Nessa Maguire, has similar opinions about rising to the occasion as a senior. “I am super excited to reinvent Baron’s spirit as I am a firm believer that the class of 24′ is the littest. With 24′ as the leaders, more sports are going to receive recognition and student support,” said Maguire, adding, “As a senior, I want to be a role model for the underclassmen and provide support for a more inclusive and positive school community.”

Something that a lot of rising seniors are looking forward to is leading B-CC’s historic school spirit. “Next year, we will have the loudest chants, the best themes, and the most support,” said junior Vittoria Bianchini, adding, “We won’t slack.”

Per tradition, on the first day of school, after the seniors leave, the rising seniors congregate in the student lot before first period, drenched in blue and gold, to celebrate being the oldest in the school for the first time. This tradition is called “senior storm” and will be on May 30.