0 to 100: New Grading Policies at B-CC

MCPS’ catch up.

Mack Fisher, staff

A new grading policy for homework was introduced to B-CC staff recently via department meetings. The new policy removes the 50% rule from the practice/prep category (it will remain for all tasks), allowing only zero or full credit for anything in this category. The policy does not allow for partial credit; however, teachers can give a 10% drop for late submissions.
Staff members were unsure at the meetings when the policy would be implemented as the fourth quarter is underway. It was later clarified that the policy will begin next school year.
Additionally, a practice regarding IEP or 504 extended time has been altered, effective immediately. In the past, students with extended time could use that time and arrive with an excused tardy to their next period; now, students cannot use other class periods for their extended time.
Mr. Zehner commented, “I see no problems with the new policy, and it won’t affect my assignments, though I do understand that some teachers like to run things a certain way.” Additionally, Ms. Creager added, “I don’t know of any math teachers who do not give zeroes to students that do not turn in their homework.”
Many B-CC students felt the policy was overcomplicating things. According to B-CC student Noah Light, “Most of my teachers would give me a zero if I didn’t turn anything in at all, so this new policy shouldn’t have much of an effect on me.”
The current 50% rule has not changed for the all tasks category. Implemented during COVID, this policy states that the teacher must contact the parent of a student before giving a zero, and the parent must acknowledge this contact. As a result, many parents aware of this policy choose not to reply, ensuring the teacher provides a 50% instead.